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Welcome to ‘maxhendogs – for all dogs’

Based in Wimborne, Dorset, I offer positive reinforcement dog training with the emphasis on fun for your dog, and for you.

I promote clicker training as I feel strongly that this is the most simple, clear and accurate way to communicate to a dog that he or she is succeeding. Clickers make it possible to shape, as well as lure, behaviours. A dog that has been clicker trained is more likely to retain new learning and to remember behaviours even after they have not been actively worked on for some time. I have not yet come across a dog that doesn’t respond enthusiastically to a clicker that has been used correctly.

All my training puts emphasis on FOCUS skills
a dog that is able to focus or concentrate on you will be better able to learn with you

With that emphasis in mind, alongside the specifics of a particular aspect of dog training – whether that is pet dog training,  agility,  one-to-one recall or canine aerobics  - I teach fun behaviours such as spins, high fives, reverse (walk backwards), in the box, roll over, under the legs and so on. Not only are these fun (for you and your dog!) but they help to create a more focused and receptive canine, and they give huge benefits to your dog in terms of his or her health and well-being through improved proprioception skills. Such skills are largely undeveloped in the average dog. The more proprioception skills a dog has the more agile and accurate he or she will be when moving quickly – in straightforward terms it means they have developed good body awareness. Such a dog is much less likely to be injured, as he or she will have much more muscle tone and core strength,  than a dog without those skills.

My aim as a dog trainer is to help you understand your dog better, to understand how he or she learns, to enjoy teaching and learning with them and ultimately develop the deep bond with your dog I know I have or have had with all of mine. I believe that is a very special thing.

updated: December 30, 2016
mobile: 07971 631687.