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We will be working through the following skills:
*   sit
*   wait (building up the time and level of distractions your dog can cope with)
*   playing with toys with the owner
*   recall - initially a basic return to owner (but also we will work towards recall to owner in various positions
    front, to heel, on the move, and with various distractions)
*   down and down at a distance and on the move (again building to distractions)
*   heel work - on lead and off lead (eventually!) - with distractions
*   working the dog on both sides of the owner.

   and of course tricks and moves that will help your dog
  to learn to listen to and to focus on you!

(the skills in bold are the basics we will cover - the additional ones will depend on the progress of the class and the determination of the individuals within it! It may be that individuals are moved up to the next class sooner than the age of the dog dictates because of the progress they have made but we will evaluate that for each individual)

Rewards are vital and praise is essential too - for us and our dogs!

What will you need to bring?

Yourself and your dog (wearing a suitable collar and lead, that is, something suited to the size and strength of the dog)

Your participation contract signed and completed and your up to date vaccination record (to the first class).

Poo bags for picking up ANYWHERE in the vicinity of the village hall. I do not want to lose the venue. And I do not want to have to remind you of your legal duty. Sorry.

Yummy treats - not the food the dog has for its meals every day - something a bit special - I use pepperami slivers and cooked cubed liver and rewards sticks broken into small pieces.
It must be in the smallest size you can get away with giving the dog and it must be something the dog really likes but doesn't usually have.
(you might want to put them in a small, pocket sized container or plastic bag - especially if greasy)
It must be small enough for your dog to eat quickly and for you to give easily.

Other suggestions:

*   small (cm cubed) cheese - but be careful as cheese can upset tums
slivers of sausage
*   ready prepared shop bought treats (break them up smaller - they are always too big!)
*   doggy choc drops ( again break them in half and for a small dog, into quarters as far as possible)
*   cubes (cm) of cooked chicken

Your dog’s favourite TOY – something that you can tug and throw perhaps.
(If he or she is not that interested in toys bring one that you would like to become an important reward.)
and of course your class fee please

Clickers will also be on sale in your class (for approximately £1.50).

If you have any questions about any of the above do not hesitate to contact me.

  Clicker Classes
In addition I run group walks for members of the maxhen training classes

Training walks are specifically to help you and your dog practise your skills at whatever stage they are at in the real world. These are run once a month usually on a Sunday through the autumn, winter and spring. 

Social walks are just that. Run just for the chance to walk and chat. Dogs with excellent recall are off lead, while dogs that are still learning remain on line. We almost always go to a pub for a drink or a meal afterwards. These run when the mood grabs us!

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mobile: 07971 631687
all classes are at
Holt Village Hall (nr Wimborne)
7.00 - 8.00 pm
8.00 - 9.00 pm
group classes for dogs and owners
who have made
different levels of progress
Here you can follow the links to two short montages of students in my classes starting out with a behaviour, works in progress or showing off behaviours they have worked on with their dogs. I am very proud of their willingness to learn with their dogs and their enthusiasm for making it fun for their dog to learn with them. Nellie features in both – briefly - showing off one or two behaviours in her repertoire as usual!!

Nellie and Archie show their ‘Rewind’ and Nellie shows that my training skills have improved since I trained Archie (Pop and Henry too) to do his ‘Rewind’ back in 2004, as she can do ‘Circle’ too (the other way!) You’ll also notice that while Archie simply navigates around me, Nellie hugs my legs. Another aspect I wanted to train into the behaviour when I taught it to her.

Nellie does ‘On the Ball’ here. A trick that needs high proprioception skills in order to do it with such control – especially to come off the wall as she does using both fore and hind paws so dexterously. It also needs strong core stability as well as sound muscular development front and back . Nellie’s whole mind is working so hard here to use her body to control this very wobbly ball. I didn’t persevere to this level with Arch because of his knees. But he likes to move the ball a little bit!
Nellie - rewind              Archie - rewind                    Nellie - circle