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Dougie came to me as a rescue dog in November 2009, he was 4 years old. When I received him he was in a very distressed state, nervous and insecure. He went for every dog who came near him, as I am sure he felt attack was the best form of defence.

I started classes with Helen and at one point nearly gave up with classes and Dougie due to his behaviour. However Helen instructed me and Dougie how to handle situations and I quickly learned that the handler has to be trained as well as the dog.

Since those days Dougie is a different dog, we have bonded so well and now enjoy classes with Helen. She has taught obedience through conventional teaching and making it fun with games. I now have a really lovely dog who has trust in me and I in him. This, I am sure, would never have been had it not been for Helen and her expertise in dog handling and training.

David and Dougie

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Percy was a very excitable springer spaniel and he still is but he is also very responsive thanks to Helen and the clicker training. I have to add that Percy is also a working dog, and Helen looks out and listens to what you need, and the dog.

Johann and Percy

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Slowly but surely we have learnt how to be a partnership. With Helen's support we are making progress and learning what is needed to have a happy dog owning family. 

Lesley and Tilly (who is a ten month working cocker spaniel)

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When we collected our new puppy (a pug) from the breeder, her parting words to us were: ‘you realise this breed in untrainable’. At the time we thought this was an excuse for the noise and mayhem created by her pack. Six months later, and as a regular at a different training class, I was beginning to wonder if she might be right. So we changed trainers and joined Helen’s ‘maxhen dog training’ class.

The first obvious difference was the teaching of clicker training. I have had dogs all my life, but not heard of this method before. Our dog Daisy was quickly taught that a click meant a treat. This is a much more precise way of rewarding a dog the moment it does something you want it to. A click is more instantaneous than saying ‘good dog’ and soon Daisy was trying different moves to find one that rewarded her with a click.
In her other life Helen was an English teacher, with her excellent communication skills, combined with unbounded enthusiasm, training of pets and owners becomes an enjoyable exercise. Our weekly class is now almost as much a social occasion as a training one.

Thank you Helen for enabling us to have an obedient, sociable dog that is a joy to own.

Pat, Tony and Daisy

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Thank you to you Helen for all your help and guidance with Ella - our Lhasa Apso.  We came to you as complete novices and over the weeks and months really got to grips with the puppy training, especially clicker training and recalls.

Your classes made training fun and enjoyable as well as informative. You answered any question I ever had (and there were quite a few!).  Through your help I felt a real bond was created between me and Ella which gave me the confidence to go out into the big wide world knowing that I felt in control of my young dog.  Any owner and their dog would be lucky to have you as their trainer.

Sarah and Ella

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I have trained with Helen for almost 6 years with all of my dogs.  She is a brilliant trainer with an extensive knowledge of dog behaviour and body language learned from research, reading and experience from training her own dogs two of whom were rescues and had their own issues.  With her patience and dedication, she trained them both to a very high standard and both competed at agility at the highest level. Both were first and foremost pets who enjoyed a fantastic life away from agility walking on various moors and mountains.

Helen does not teach "just for now" she looks at what you personally would like to achieve, what life is like for you and the time you have to do 'home work' but more importantly the dog’s needs and issues and it is tailored for you with immense thought.

My relationship with my dogs has been increased tenfold as Helen’s teaching has also taught me how they learn and how to shape their training using the clicker. I really enjoy teaching them all the more as Helen has taken the time to explain things.

Mandy and Dexter

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Helen is a brilliant and sympathetic trainer in all aspects of dog training, especially so in clicker training which is what we do.  She is extremely helpful to the handler in really co-ordinating the clicker work, which can be confusing at times, for the handler that is!

The dogs really enjoy their obedience training - they never get bored doing the training as Helen brings fun games and tricks into their training as well; which all goes to train the dog in a variety of ways. Helen is very experienced in behavioural problems in dogs so if we have a problem with our own dog, she is very helpful indeed. All in all a great dog trainer.

Christine Collinson, Merlin and Rex.

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Since Merlin and I joined Helen’s classes, we have discovered that obedience training  CAN be fun and rewarding. From having so many issues, the difference in Merlin's behaviour is significant and when walking on the lead I now have arms that are back in their sockets! She made me realise that Merlin wasn't at fault at all, rather it was my perception and the way that I dealt with the problems which did little to help the situation we were in.

Most importantly though is the enjoyment we both get out of Thursday evenings and the fact that Merlin now wants (and is eager) to learn, instead of us pulling in opposite directions. We may not be the best dog and handler in the class YET but we're trying!! Thanks for everything.

Kate and Merlin

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I can’t recommend Helen enough for training. I have three rescue dogs, two of which came with issues. Helen’s positive approach to training has helped overcome their individual problems. Recall training was the one thing so rewarding to learn with those two and be able to now relax out walking with them both – both terriers. My third is a puppy and it has been invaluable to be able to start early and have a very happy puppy which I have been able to teach to listen and focus. I decided to try my hand at agility as well and my first dog has gone beyond any expectation I had and now competes in grade 4. My dogs’ attitude to ‘work’ says it all. Three very happy dogs.

Gina, Dip, Pop and Flo

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